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Descriptif Foyer CLJT Becoming a resident Tarifs Foyer CLJT Becoming a resident Accès Foyer CLJT Becoming a resident Accès Foyer CLJT Becoming a resident

Devenir résidantTo become a CLJT resident, you must :

Fulfil the following conditions :

  • Be aged 18-25
  • Be an employee in vocational training, a student or a work-experience trainee
  • Have no children

File your application, which should include :

  • - the application form
  • - photocopies of: ID, employment contract (temporary, permanent or temping contract), promise of recruitment, work-experience placement contract, certificate of school attendance, or your 3 last payslips (in the case of an employment contract), social security card (carte Vitale) certificate
  • - a passport photo and bank details of a current account
    NB: only include elements requested and send one application per residence chosen. Do not send your application by registered post.

For your information :

  • Only complete applications will be studied. Only those whose candidatures have been accepted will be contacted. If not, applications will not be returned, but destroyed in compliance with the French data protection act of August 7th 2004. The room availability schedule is known 15 days in advance.
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